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Buiness Class meals
Updated on 22 Sep 2021


Our menus focus on Portuguese products and traditional desserts so that we can showcase the best of what we have to offer to the world. 

Breakfast - Includes bread basket, cold meat dish, assorted cheeses, fresh fruit and yoghurts.

Lunch / Dinner / Supper - For an unforgettable and memorable trip, the best from our chefs, with the best selection of fish, poultry, meats and typical dishes. 

Snack - Light cold meals made of a delicious variety of cold meats, assorted cheeses,  fresh fruit and sweet desserts.

Our wines and beverages

TAP serves 1.2 million bottles of Portuguese wine annually and for this reason, we are the largest showcase of Portuguese wines. We built a wine list based on an innovative experience, by a panel of experts: an on the ground wine tasting and a taste up in the air. In this way, we assure our passengers the best wine experience, with variety in the offer and rigour in the choice of our wines.

Our selection, which has been prepared by experts, reflects the quality, richness and choice of Portuguese grape varieties. It was essential to ensure that the wine list reflects the quality of contemporary Portuguese wine that will make the journey even more enjoyable for our passengers. Check out TAP’s wine list.

We also serve fruit juices, coffee, including espresso, and a variety of teas.
TAP may limit or ban alcohol consumption on board. It is forbidden to bring drinks on to the aircraft (except those purchased in the airport Duty-Free).


Meal pre-order on Business Class on flights over 2 hours departing Lisbon


TAP allows Business Class passengers to order their meal of choice until 24 hours before boarding, thus ensuring they will have their preferred meal on board .

On long-haul trips, you may choose between 3 main courses.
On medium-haul trips, you may choose from 2 main courses, on applicable routes lasting more than 2 hours, if the flight takes place during lunch or dinner time (variable depending on the route/level of service), if hot meals are served with an optional dish on these routes/on these planes.

This service aims to increase our passenger’s satisfaction as well as avoid the inconvenient of lack of their preferred meal while on board.

Booking the meal on Business Class is also available for Plusgrade passengers, Stopover passengers, or to passengers connecting in Lisbon to a TAP Intercontinental Flight.

Pre-orders can be made from 30 days prior to flight date until 24 hours before flight departure.

Disclose this facility to your customers and book directly on your GDS. 

Enter the "pre-order" on the PNR like you do for any other special meal. The system will automatically return the confirmation indication (KK or HK).

MEML = meat meal

FSML = fish meal (on long-haul trips only)

PTML = pasta meal


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