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Arms and ammunition
Last updated on: 07 Feb 2020

The transportation of arms and ammunition is allowed if compliant with the rules below:

  • Only  sports/hunting fire arms are allowed and will only be accepted as cheked baggage. Weapons, such as antique firearms, swords, knives and similar items may, at our discretion, be accepted as Checked Baggage, but will not be permitted in the cabin of the aircraft.
  • No weapons or ammunition are allowed in the cabin!
  • The firearms must be handed over at check-in unloaded, dismantled and properly packed;
  • Passenger must have the correct documentation for the weapon, including the registration and the license to use and carry firearms;
  • Weapons and ammunition containing explosive projectiles cannot travel as hold baggage; only small caliber permitted;
  • Only Division 1.4S (UN 0012 or UN 0014 only) ammunition may be carried in quantities not exceeding 5 kg gross weight (including box) per person and for personal use, limited to one ammunition box per passenger.
  • It is important that they are packed in a container with a sufficiently strong outer covering: wood, metal or fiber, protected against potential shocks and unable to move about inside.
  • Passenger must dispatch such baggage 2 hours before the regular time of check-in for the flight.
  • Specific transport rules may apply per country and TIMATIC should therefore be consulted.
  • TAP is not responsible for the acceptance of weapons in the destination country. Documentation / authorization to enter the country is the  passenger's responsability.



Military Firearms and ammunition can only be accepted as cargo. Ammunitions require a previous authorization from aviation authorities!

For official trips of National Security Officers, special regulation is to be applied and you must contact the Agency Help Desk.


Firearms to/from United Kingdom

  • The transportation of firearms from/to the United Kingdom is allowed, with restrictions, and only upon presentation of the license to carry a firearm.
    • a 24 hour notice must be given.
  • Passengers must carry a special permit/license issued by the local police authorities (in the UK).
  • The firearms are transported with the passenger as personal baggage, subject to control at check-in 
  • All handguns (pistols/revolvers) are restricted under United Kingdom legislation and cannot be carried on board TAP aircrafts.
  • Note:  until further notice, SSR WEAP will not be confirmed on flights  to/from MAN and LHR from the 24th of April 2020!


Firearms to/from Switzerland

  • The transport of firearms or ammunition considered "weapons of war" to or from Switzerland is not permitted


Sport/Hunting Firearms to United States of America


GDS entries

SR WEAP-free text (ex: ...-SHOT GUN)

SI.P1/WEAP*free text (ex: ...*SHOT GUN)

3WEAP/free text-1.1  (ex: .../SHOT GUN)

Important Note:

Firearms and ammunition transport is subject to the payment of a flat charge of €50/USD65/CAD80 per oneway . The service includes 2 checked items  - one box with the gun and one box with ammunition.  Any extra piece is subject to the same flat fee.

A non-refundable EMD-A WEAP will be issued.


Lisbon - Stockholm - €50/65USD/80CAD / Stockholm - Lisbon - €50/65USD/80CAD

Frankfurt - Lisbon – New York - €50/65USD/80CAD

New York - Lisbon - Frankfurt - €50/65USD/80CAD

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