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Meal PreOrder - Have you seen the menu?
Updated on 01 Aug 2023

PreOrder meal selection is now available in all our routes in Business Class, on flights over 2 hour long, operated by TAP, at lunch and dinner times.

From the 1st August, 2023, passengers flying in Business Class can enjoy the convenience of pre-ordering their meals 30 days in advance and up to 24 hours before the flight at all airports where TAP operates. 

*Restrictions may apply by route and time of the day.


Ensure that every moment is memorable and offer the possibility to selec the meal before the flight! Meal PreOrder is available through FlyTAP and your GDS using the following entries. 



SR MEML - Meat

SR  FSML  - Fish

SR PTML - Pasta (not available from airports in Brazil, Angola and Mozambique).

SR POML - Poltry (only available from airports in Brazil, Angola and Mozambique).

For information on entries in other GDS, please refer to their Helpdesk.



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