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Portugal Stopover - How It Works
Updated on 30 Aug 2019

The Portugal Stopover programme is a product of TAP Air Portugal, with the main goal of attracting more tourists to Portugal, namely from countries such as the United States of America and Canada traveling to destinations in Europe and Africa.

The programme provides customers with a visit to Portugal at no extra cost on the ticket, during the connection period between two flights with stops at Lisbon or Porto. Customers may stay in one of the mentioned cities, for one to five nights, before continuing to their final destination.

Why a Stopover

The great advantage that should be demonstrated to the client is two destinations can be had for the price of one.

Stopover customers also have access to exclusive advantages, such as hotel discounts, wine offerings at partner restaurants and special conditions at major tourist attractions in these cities.


Programme Details

•             Stopover between 1 to 5 nights (24 to 120 hours);

•             Typology of flights: one-way, round trip or multicity;

•             You can choose whether you want to Stopover inbound or outbound;;

•             Lisbon and Porto can't be the final destinations, unlike Faro, Porto Santo, Terceira and Ponta Delgada, which may also be final destinations;

•             Hotel reservations and offers can be made later by logging in with the reservation code and surname on flyTAP or on the Stopover app.


How to Stopover

1.            Upon ticket issuance, complying with Stopover rules, an SK ELEG is automatically set, identifying the client as eligible to enjoy programme benefits;

2.            To book additional benefits for your client, such as booking hotels or discounted offers, sign in with a reservation code and  passenger's surname at flyTAP or the Stopover app. You can also pass this information to the clients so that they can manage the Stopover reservation by themselves;

3.            More information about the programme is available on the main page through the Main Menu by selecting the “Stopover” option. Learn more here.


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