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Bicycles and Tandems
Last updated on: 11 Jan 2019

Sports equipment can be transported free of charge as hold baggage, provided it does not exceed the allowed weight and dimensions.  Extra charges will apply only if taking more baggage than permitted in travel class, or if exceeds the maximum volume or weight allowance.

Conditions of carriage of bycicles and tandems

  • Non-motorized bikes or tandems are accepted as checked baggage to be transported in the hold compartment;
  • They must be packed with the handlebars turned 90º sideways, firmly secured and the pedals must be removed;
  • Alternatively, the equipment can be wrapped in cellophane or other similar material and packed in a cardboard box;
  • There may be restrictions on the transportation of some types of sports equipments on some aircraft types. This service is available only on flights operated by TAP and TAP Express and subject to availability.
  • Reservations should be made as soon as possible, preferably before check-in opening.


Fees per route

Fees will be applied if they exceed the maximum dimensions or weight limits as per purchased fare. In any case, the weight limit will be 32kg/70lbs.



Domestic, European and Morocco Flights: 55€ / 70USD / 90CAD

Intercontinental Flights: 110€ / 140USD / 175CAD


Domestic, European and Morocco Flights: € 110 / 140USD / 175CAD

Intercontinental Flights: €150 / 185USD / 235CAD

Rates in other currencies shall be converted at the BBR - Bank Buying Rate. 


GDS entries


SR BIKE-1 PIECE 12KG DIM 120X100X20CM  (bike)
SR SPEQ-OTSE 1 TAMDEM 20KG DIMS 200X100X20CM  (tandems)

SI.P1/BIKE*1 PIECE 100X100X25CM 15KG (bike)
SI.P1/SPEQ*OTSE 1 TAMDEM 20KG DIMS 200X100X20CM (tandems) 

3BIKE/TTL 12KG 120X100X20CM-1.1 (bike)
3SPEQ/OTSE 1 TAMDEM 20KG 200X100X20CM-1.1 (tandems)


Service collected on EMD-A:

BIKE  - for Bike

OTSE - for Tandem


 EMD is non-refundable.



Restrictions may exist on some aircraft as to the types of equipment that can be transported, therefore we recommend that you contact the Agency Help Desk in advance (via email using the keyword BAG on the subject line of the email).

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