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Updated on 10 May 2022



TAP Corporate is a programme aimed at companies that want to save on their business trips.

Whenever an employee of the company travels with TAP, a part of the value spent (fare + YQ surcharge) will be converted into balance, which can then be discounted on TAP flights and services.

The company will only have to sign up online.  Once registration is complete, the company will be assigned a company identification code

(e.g. CIX123: CI - programme ID; X - country ID; 123 - company code).

The company will be reimbursed of a percentage of the fare value plus  YQ surcharge spent. For this, it is imperative that the IC code (CIX***) is inserted in all reservations  (flights operated by TAP / TAP Express) where a TAP 047 ticket will be issued.

Each fare product has an associated percentage.



Through the CI code (CIx***) in bookings with TAP tickets and flights (flights operated by TAP/NI/WI), the company will be reimbursed a percentage of the value of the fare and surcharge YQ  that was spent.

This value is associated to the TAP fare product you purchased:


Brands TAP

TAP Corporate


Top Executive 5%
Executive 4%
Plus 5%
Classic 4%
Basic 3%
Discount 0,5%

Eg. for a 500€ travel

Status TAP Corporate 

Discount: 500x 0,5%=2,5€

Basic: 500 x 3%=15€

Classic: 500 x 4%=20€

Plus: 500 x 5%=25€

Executive: 500 x 4% =20€

Top Executive: 500 x 5%=25€



The company will be able to use the accumulated balance to pay for TAP Tickets and Ancillaries (e.g. Extra Baggage, Seat Reservation, Lounge Access and Fast Track).

All public fares will be available for use, without any booking class restrictions.

The credit can be used in full or in part of the cost of the trip (fare + taxes + ancillary services), with a minimum usage of 10 EUR.


NOTE: In the independent purchase of ancillary services (eg Fast, Lounge, XBag, Seating ...) may be used 100% of the balance, keeping the minimum use of 10EUR.



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