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Irregularities and compensation procedures
Updated on 13 May 2022

In all situations where TAP AIR PORTUGAL passengers are prevented from travelling on the flights they initially chose when purchasing the ticket and due to an irregularity (e.g. weather conditions, strikes, operational cancellations, changes in schedules, etc.) and it is necessary to protect them on other flights, the appropriate passenger protection procedures will be applied. Depending on the time distance to which the irregularity is apparent from the departure, the procedures will be applied by the Travel  Agencies' Help Desk/Sales Support or our services at the airports.

In specific situations of widespread irregularity that may cause a greater impact on the operation of TAP AIR PORTUGAL and that require increased care, TAP will disclose procedures specific to the situations in question that can be followed and applied directly by the Travel Agents. These procedures will always be published in this section of the portal.

From 1 June 2019, new changes apply to the IATA Resolutions 735d and 766

RESOLUTION 735d – Involuntary Change of Carrier, Routing and/or date/time of flight.
Defines irregular operations and outlines procedures around obtaining inventory on a new operating carrier and reissuing documents. Applies provided that the circumstance has not occurred earlier than one day prior to the scheduled departure time of the first impacted flight.

RESOLUTION 766 – Passenger Reservation Procedures on Interline Protections. Defines booking procedures and obtaining inventory according to Reso 735d.


The Irregularity window for Passenger’s Protection on Interline will now be considered until the end of the next day after the day of the affected flight. Bookings can only be made on carriers authorized by TAP AIR PORTUGAL and according to specific procedures. Tickets must be reissued so endorsement box shows INVOL code and Fare Calculation Involuntary Indicator “I-“.

NOTE – TAP AIR PORTUGAL will define the authorized carriers that do not jeopardise/compromise passengers acceptance by the new airline, as well as a negative impact on TAP’s revenue.

Reissues with INVOL procedure will not be allowed outside the irregularity operational window and for situations not covered by Resolution 735d. Amendment to Resolution 735d: “provided that the circumstances have not occurred earlier than one day prior to the scheduled departure time of the first impacted flight, an Involuntary Reroute occurs, and the provisions of this Resolution shall apply”.

All protections for 3rd Day on (included) after the original flight affected by the irregularity are considered SCHEDULE CHANGE.
When necessary to protect passengers on interline, TAP AIR PORTUGAL will define the carriers authorized. Bookings must be made on the lowest available class on inventory and on the same cabin as the original ticket. The ticket must be reissued according to new procedures so that the Fare Calculation shows the indicator “S-“ for Schedule Change.


Please refer to the Responsible Booking Policies Manual, section 12.2 for more details on procedures in case of irregularities and schedule changes.

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