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TAP Miles&Go Program - Terms and Conditions
Updated on 20 Mar 2022
TAP Miles&Go Programme

TAP Miles&Go Programme operated by the airline TAP Air Portugal is a loyalty programme for TAP Air Portugal passengers. Members of the programme are credited with miles based on the flights they make with TAP Air Portugal or on how much use they make of the products and services offered by the programme's partners. The miles are credited in accordance with predefined rates and terms and conditions, and with the limitations presented here below.

Clients can earn TAP Miles&Go Miles, which can be used subsequently on a vast range of services, awards and benefits, which are subject to these terms and conditions.

Any alterations made to the TAP or TAP Miles&Go brands shall not affect any existing agreements concluded with natural or legal persons.

Membership of TAP Miles&Go Programme is free.

Starting June 27th, 2019, the values of the Award Tickets of TAP Miles&Go Program become dynamic, which means that the quantity of miles necessary for the Award Tickets issuance will be determined by supply and demand constraints, availability of seats in flights operated by TAP, advance purchase, and periods of low or high demand, such as holidays and commemorative dates.

All necessary information for the issuance of the Award Tickets, such as the necessary number of miles, the national and international destinations available, the dates and times of the flights and the availability of seats, is available on the milesandgo.flytap.com website for Client online consultation when searching for flight(s).

The Client declares awareness of the fact that TAP Miles&Go does not predetermine prices for  Award Tickets or other prizes. The prices will be those available and displayed, upon prior consultation, on the milesandgo.flytap.com website. Among other factors, these prices take into account the availability of the prize on TAP flights or on partner airlines.

Note: Ticket-prize values for TAP Program TAP Miles&Go and prize availability, whether on TAP flights or on partner airlines, become dynamic.

TAP Miles&Go Programme regulations

These Terms and Conditions constitute the basic rules on participation in the TAP Miles&Go Programme and may be changed at any time. This version of the Terms and Conditions of the TAP Miles&Go Programme is the latest version and currently in force. 

This is the official version of the TAP Miles&Go Programme Terms and Conditions, which replaces the information and/or content relating to the Terms and Conditions on all platforms other than the TAP Air Portugal site.

The Terms and Conditions are originally written in Portuguese, but are also translated into English, French, Spanish and German. Only the Portuguese version is binding in matters of interpretation.

Whenever valid dates are mentioned for certain Programme benefits or promotions, these will be according to mainland Portugal time.

TAP Air Portugal can amend the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. Any new rules or amendments to the Terms and Conditions of the TAP Miles&Go Programme shall become binding on all clients, including TAP Miles&Go Silver and TAP Miles&Go Gold Clients, as soon as they are made available via internet.

Client support in writing is available in five languages: Portuguese, English, German, French and Spanish.

TAP Miles&Go Miles
TAP Miles&Go are the currency unit in the TAP Miles&Go Programme. Bonus points or miles from other programmes cannot be converted into TAP Miles&Go Miles unless TAP has entered into a written agreement with that purpose with said programmes.
TAP Miles&Go Programme Clients
On joining the Programme, clients are entering into an agreement with TAP, governed by these Terms and Conditions, which set out the rights and obligations associated with membership of the TAP Miles&Go Programme.TAP reserves the right to wholly or partially change or close the TAP Miles&Go Programme and/or any collaboration with any TAP Miles&Go Programme partners without notice at any time.
When using the telephone line, clients consent to the fact that calls may be recorded for the purpose of control and improving services.
Only the client’s TAP Miles&Go membership number will be accepted for identification purposes.
Joining the TAP Miles&Go Programme

Clients can join the TAP Miles&Go Programme by submitting the application form provided on Miles&Go website or using a mobile app.

TAP Miles&Go membership is open to all individual passengers who are at least two years of age, reside in a country where membership is not banned by law and in which the Programme is available.

Membership is not open to legal persons or other groups or associations.

Only one TAP Miles&Go Account is allowed per client.

Membership of the TAP Miles&Go Programme requires a TAP account and automatic membership of the basic level: TAP Miles&Go. 

TAP Miles&Go Clients have the right to TAP Miles&Go Programme benefits only after their details are recorded on the TAP database.

Clients are solely responsible for informing any third parties, companies (such as their employer) or government body of their membership of the TAP Miles&Go Programme and the awards and benefits available to them under said Programme.

TAP Miles&Go Programme awards miles to its clients only and is not responsible for any agreements between clients and third parties (such as employers).

Terminating TAP Miles&Go Programme membership

Membership shall automatically cease in the event of termination of the TAP Miles&Go Programme.

TAP may terminate a client’s TAP Miles&Go membership with immediate effect if he/she:

  • does not abide by these Terms and Conditions and/or other rules and regulations incorporated in them by reference, provided that the client has been duly and promptly informed of the said terms, rules and regulations;
  • attempts to obtain awards or benefits from the TAP Miles&Go Programme by providing false, improper or abusive information. The client who presents this type of information shall be liable for any resulting losses, and any TAP Miles&Go Miles falsely obtained will be declared null and void;
  • engages in unruly behaviour on-board of an aircraft or on any property of TAP or any partner of an airline belonging to the TAP Miles&Go Programme.

TAP may suspend TAP Miles&Go Programme accounts on suspicion of fraud, without TAP or any of its partners being penalised. The client will be expelled from the Programme without notice and all the miles earned from all awards and any bookings made will be cancelled and the client will not be permitted to hold the Programme card again or obtain benefits from the same. 

TAP’s TAP Miles&Go Programme is designed as a benefit for its clients. Clients who do not accept the rules, awards or benefits offered or simply wish to quit the Programme may terminate their membership by email at any time without prior notice.

Upon termination of membership, any miles earned up to that time and not used pursuant to these Terms and Conditions shall be declared null and void.

TAP Miles&Go Client Number and Card

Access to TAP Miles&Go Programme awards and benefits is only granted on presentation of a client card and/or client number.

The TAP Miles&Go and Silver Cards are only available in digital format.

The TAP Miles&Go Client can access the digital version of their Card, which is automatically updated, according to their status. This version of the card has a QR code that performs the same data checking functions as the magnetic strip of a regular card.

TAP Miles & Go Customers should have their digital card in their mobile phone so that they can identify themselves properly with the partners.

Gold Customers can choose to have a physical card.


Read the full version of the Terms and Conditions.

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