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Upgrade at Fixed Price via MYB
Updated on 11 Aug 2023

From the 17th of August, the upgrades at Fixed Price will have new prices.

The tables with the values applied per upgrade will no longer be available. The prices should be consulted on the site, as it will present the applicable fare.

However, the conditions of sale remain unchanged - This service will be available 36 to 8 hours before the flight's departure.

Through the online channel, the customer will be able, if eligible, to select the Upgrade in their booking, for all passengers.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the quota for this service?
The quota for this service will be equivalent to the number of seats available in RBD's J, Z and D. RBD C will not be available for the "Fixed Price Upgrade".
Is this service available on all TAP routes?
This service will be available on all routes on flights operated by TAP or on its behalf and by TAP Express.
Is this service available on all aircraft?
This service will be available on aircraft operating Business Class.
Where can this service be booked and paid for?
As of 19 May 2023, this service is available through / Booking Management, 36 hours to 8 hours before the departure of the flight in question. Payment will be processed by credit card.
How is the sale of this service made?
To Upgrade at a Fixed Price on the "Booking Management" channel, the check-in must not have taken place. The sale of this service is only available through in "Booking Management" with the issue of a non-endorsable and subject-to-availability EMD-A, and the amount will be applicable per flight segment and passenger.
Is this service refundable?
Once payment has been processed, the "Fixed Price Upgrade" is non-refundable.
After performing the "Fixed Price Upgrade", do the tariff conditions change?
No. The conditions of the original fare will remain unchanged and in force. 

The Upgrade is subject to seat availability, is always applied by flight segment and the associated benefits only apply to the segment in which the passenger performed the Upgrade - except for the fare conditions that remain the same as the original ticket.
Is any passenger eligible to purchase this service?
The "Fixed Price Upgrade" service will not be presented on bookings with Stopover, wheelchairs, groups, medical cases, INFT, UMNR, PETC, DEPU, DEPA, INAD and RECL. It will also not be presented on bookings with special meals or premium tickets, and these cases will be considered in a second phase. To use an Upgrade on the "Booking Management" channel, the check-in must not have taken place.
Does this service allow mileage credit corresponding to Business Class?
Yes. The mileage credit will be according to the brand Executive. Once the ticket is upgraded through a revalidation, the mileage credit will have to be processed manually.
Conditions for Upgrading
  • Check-in for the intended flight must be open.
  • To take advantage of an Upgrade in the "Booking Management" channel, the check-in must not have taken place.
  • The Upgrade is done per flight segment and for all customers who are on the reservation.
  • If the Customer does not wish to upgrade all customers on the booking, contact the TAP Contact Centre or the agent at the airport.
  • This service is only available for flights operated by TAP or operated on its behalf and by TAP Express.
  • The availability and actual upgrades depend on Business Class availability.
  • The amount paid for the Upgrade is non-refundable. 
  • The fare conditions of the original ticket remain unchanged.
  • Not endorsable.
Important Notes:
  • Tickets may not be eligible for Fixed Price Upgrade due to restrictions based on special needs seating, seat availability, ticket type, groups and other airline policies. The restriction exists to comply with the law and ensure that there are appropriate seats for all passengers.
  • Not all services associated with the upgrade are available and some tickets are not eligible for this type of upgrade.





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