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PEP fares
Updated on 12 Apr 2023

TAP offers special rates for agents through the Professional Experience Product Programme - PEP.

To request these rates, Agents must send the PEP request to the Agencies Helpdesk, using the keyword TKT-AD, attaching a copy of the IATA RESO 880A– REDUCED FARE TRANSPORTATION form duly completed and signed.

After validation of the request, information will be sent on the amount of the tariffs and the payment method.


Booking and Conditions

The booking must be made by the Agency on flights operated by TAP. PEPs cannot be applied to code-share or interline flights. The authorised RBDs are E, U, L, K and J, and any brand may be chosen.

This fare follows the same rules of TDC (Timelimit for issuance) as public fares. 

PEPs are exempt from YQ tax on all routes, regardless of the point of origin, with the exception of routes originating in Brazil - only in this case the fare will have a 10% discount.

Discounts for CHD/INF are not applicable to PEP fares.

On issuance, all airport taxes apply as well as the €15.00 service fee.

Changes and cancellations follow the brand rules, according to public fares. If necessary, name corrections are permitted in accordance with TAP policy and subject to a fee, whenever applicable. 

Mileage accrual is not permitted in any of the PEP segments.


In summary:

Eligibility Travel Agent plus 1 companion


made by Travel Agents


made by TAP

TDC (Timelimit for issuance)

According to public fare reference

Eligible Routes

All TAP operated  

Eligible Points of Sale All

Booking Classes - authorized RBDs

Economy Class: E, U, L, K

Business Class: J

Eligible flights

Only TAP-operated flights (TP/WI/NI)

Interline / Codeshare

Not allowed


- YQ Exemption

- Departing from BR: 10% fare discount 

- All others: 0% fare discount

CHD/INF Discount

Not applicable


Conditions according to public fare reference

Service Fee

15 €

Airport Taxes


Not eligible for DBC

Mileage Accrual

Not allowed




  • Ticket issues must be made until 12:00 of the business day prior to the TDC of the booking.
  • Payment can be made by Credit Card. Always send the request for issuance in the same Case in which the request for the facility was made. 
  • If you need ticket receipts, these must be requested together with the issuance request.


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