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Portugal Stopover Program
Updated on 12 Mar 2024

Add a stopover in Lisbon or Porto in the middle of the journey.

With Portugal Stopover, you can add a free stopover between 1 and 10 days in Lisbon or Porto.

In addition to having the opportunity to visit Lisbon or Porto on the outbound or return journey, passengers may also visit another destination in Portugal (including the Islands) with access to exclusive offers to make their experience even more unforgettable.

Check if the route is eligible

Choose the Stopover

Book the Flights

with the Portugal Stopover

Make sure the origin and destination cities, as well as the flights ( one of which is operated by TAP), are eligible for a stopover in Portugal.

After making sure that the route meets the Portugal Stopover criteria, select the city for the Stopover: Lisbon or Porto.

Select whether the stopover will be on the outbound or return flight, as well as its duration (up to 10 days).

Portugal Stopover advantages

Free Stopover for UP to 10 Days in Lisbon or Porto

The PORTUGAL STOPOVER Program is already available for sale, in which the passenger holding a 047 ticket with flights operated by TAP AIR PORTUGAL may choose a Stopover in Lisbon or Porto (from 1 to 10 days already included in the public fare).

The 1st Stopover (in LIS or OPO) is already included in the originally issued Ticket and the respective Public Fare.

For the 1st Stopover, the following Travel bookings are eligible:

  1. One-way, round-trip or multicity with the suitable origin and destination;
  2. with 1 stopover in LIS or OPO between 24h to 240h, being that LIS or OPO may not be final destinations;
  3. The PNR must have at least one segment operated by TAP or code-share.
  4. Must have a TAP ticket (047).

It is possible to use the Stopover on a one-way trip.

For return journeys, the Portugal Stopover can only be used on one part of the journey, i.e. either only on the outbound journey or only on the return.

After the ticket is issued, the Portugal Stopover eligible bookings will be automatically identified by information in SK:

FLYTAP Stopover booking


Booking that qualifies as meeting the Stopover rules but was not made on FLYTAP Stopover


If the booking has no SK STOP or SK ELEG

Only if the booking is valid according to Portugal Stopover rules, the ELEG SK can be entered manually. The SK must be entered exactly as it is below, or it will not be recognised by the system.



25% Discount on a 2nd Stopover in Portugal

The Portugal Stopover Programme allows up to 10 days of a free stopover in Lisbon or Porto on both outbound and return journeys. 

Add more of Portugal to your Clients' travel plans

After the first stopover in LIS or OPO, TAP now adds the novelty of passengers benefiting from 1 EXTRA STOPOVER in Lisbon (if they entered Portugal via Porto) / Porto (if they entered Portugal via Lisbon), Faro, Funchal, Porto Santo, Ponta Delgada or Terceira with 25% discount on the DOMESTIC FLIGHT.

While the 1st Stopover (in LIS or OPO) is already included in the ticket originally issued and the respective Public Fare, the 2nd Stopover (with the domestic flight) must be issued separately from the original ticket (automatic issue on with promo code or manual issue at the Contact Centre and Travel Agency).

After booking a flight with Stopover, the 25% discount promo code will be sent to the customer via email so that they can use it to book any domestic flight operated by TAP during their stopover period in Portugal. For further information, please consult the Portugal Stopover manual and the page dedicated to the promotional code

The eligible destinations for the 2nd Portugal Stopover, with a 25% discount on domestic flights are:

  • Lisbon (if the first stop is in Porto)
  • Porto (if the first stopover is in Lisbon)
  • Faro
  • Funchal;
  • Porto Santo
  • Ponta Delgada;
  • Terceira.

You may choose to add the 2nd Stopover on a separate booking or on the same international flight booking with the 1st Stopover.

Exclusive Offers and Partner Dicounts

In addition to the possibility of visiting another Portuguese city with a 25% discount on the domestic flight, Portugal Stopover allows access to exclusive offers and partner discounts to make the experience even more unforgettable.

A promotional code will be sent to the passenger as a TAP Air Portugal and Portugal Stopover customer, allowing them to benefit from various discounts and offers provided by our partners to make their trip even more unforgettable and charming.

There are many offers available in all the regions to which TAP flies within Portugal. The offers are presented on the page dedicated to Stopover exclusive offers

Check the website, in the All Offers area, and apply the filter by Stopover city. Click on each of the offers to check them in detail.

The partners that provide the activities should be contacted directly by the passenger to confirm availability.

How to apply a 25% discount on the 2nd STOPOVER

GDS ENTRIES (Please consult your GDS for additional information)



Manually apply a 25% discount to the fare

FXP/ZO-25P/S3,4/FF-DISCOUNT- builds the TST with a 25% discount.

Manually change the YQ amount (calculating the 25% discount)

DF60*0,75 - calculates the amount corresponding to the YQ to be charged, with the 25% discount. The system will return the correct value, in this case, 45.

TTK/T6/X1 - deletes the YQ tax number

TTK/T6/XEUR45.00-YQ - adds the YQ tax with the updated value 

Manually enter the international ticket number with 1st STOP in the Endorsements box

21/ICW 047-2187255407 - changes the information in the Endorsements (line 21 in the booking) to include the ticket number with the 1st Stopover.

Issue the ticket


Manually apply a 25% discount to the fare



Manually change the YQ amount (calculating the 25% discount)


Manually enter the international ticket number with 1st STOP in the Endorsements box




Manually apply a 25% discount to the fare


Add the Ticket Designator "DISC"


Manually change the YQ amount (calculating the 25% discount)




Manually enter the international ticket number with 1st STOP in the Endorsements box

ED IN CONJ INTL TKT 0474444333222«

WPQ//DP25-DISC‡TX27.20YQ/10.14PT/26.14YP‡ED IN CONJ INTL TKT 0474444333222«


For more details, please refer to the Manual we have prepared for you.


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