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Embracing Ukraine
Updated on 09 Mar 2022

How are we helping?

  • Offering NGOs seats and cargo on our flights to Poland;
  • Allowing our Clients to donate their miles to NGOs and social entities involved;
  • Working in close cooperation with the Portuguese authorities and supporting official efforts of humanitarian help.

At TAP our activity is about bringing people together, connecting countries, caring for all citizens and flying the skies of peace.

TAP shows solidarity and, throughout its 77 years of life, it has been, is and will always be present in all situations in which the Company's actions can, in some way, minimize the suffering of people.

The TAP family is mobilized to support humanitarian aid actions due to the war in Ukraine.

TAP Air Portugal is developing a number of initiatives to help refugees from Ukraine and Portuguese institutions that are providing humanitarian aid in this dramatic situation.

TAP's initiatives involve the Company's employees, customers, national and international authorities and several NGOs and mainly concern the transportation of people and air cargo on the Lisbon - Warsaw route, in both directions.

TAP is offering seats on flights to and from Warsaw - the destination closest to the Ukrainian border operated by TAP - and the transport of cargo, including medical supplies, food and other humanitarian aid goods.

These seats and cargo capacity are being managed by TAP according to availability on each flight. To benefit from this facility, humanitarian aid organizations should apply by completing this online form (exclusively for legally constituted organizations, this support is not available to individuals, see the regulation of this action here (PDF, 0,1 MB, PT).

Concerning refugees wishing to travel to Portugal, TAP works closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, making several seats available on TAP‘s flights from Warsaw and being permanently on standby for humanitarian flights requested by the authorities.


Donate Miles

All Clients of the TAP Miles&Go Programme can also help refugees from Ukraine and the institutions that support them by donating miles, which can be done from March 14 on

TAP is selecting NGOs that are developing programs to support refugees from Ukraine and the aim is to reach 1 million miles donated to each of the institutions, which can then use these miles to buy tickets to transport volunteers and refugees.


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